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We value our patients' experience at Melilli Chiropractic & Rehab Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Steve Melilli

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Melilli not only offer the best chiropractic adjustments I have ever experienced, but he also has a tremendous sports related, accident related rehab facility. I was told by other doctors I was going to need shoulder surgery, but Dr. Melilli recommended rehab instead. After a couple of months my shoulder is back to normal.
Joe. I

Former NCAA Division I Football Player

Dr. Melilli and his team truly are experts! I have been under his care since December of 2013. My first visit, I was greeted with warmth and compassion . The time they have spent helping me understand  my injuries and explaining  the course of therapy had been so valuable. I love coming here, because I know they have my best interest and well being in mind.

MP, Clearwater

Dr. Melilli & Staff

Thank you for everything you do for your patients. The care & customer service you provide your patients is outstanding. This truly makes coming for my appointments an enjoyable experience (well as much as you can enjoy treatments to alleviate pain!) Thanks again for being so wonderful :)

KZ, Clearwater

Dear Dr. Melilli and Staff

My husband and I were referred to several chiropractic offices following a recent auto accident. We selected Dr. Melilli after a careful review of all websites. I had never been treated by a Chiropractic Physician and really did not know what to expect. Dr. Melilli's chiropractic adjustments combined with rehabilitation therapy and massage therapy were key elements in my customized treatment plan. Dr. Melilli and his team educated me on the healing process and delivered care in a compassionate, patient centered treatment regime. Dr. Melilli's team struck just the right balance between the need to encourage me to push myself with rehabilitation therapy, and understanding my frustrations with coping with pain management.

I have spent my entire career as a health care professional and I understand how rare it is to find a team of professionals that work so well together to assist their patients in achieving their maximum outcomes.

I am one that believes when you find great professionals that have a passion for their work you should tell others about them! I am pleased to refer Dr. Melilli and his team to anyone who is looking for a personalized treatment plan and/or to maintain good health.

Many thanks to Dr. Melilli and his dedicated team for the great service and positive attitude you all have every time I come through your door.

Margaret, Clearwater

Dear Dr. Melilli and Staff

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know my ankle has felt much better since you adjusted it last Friday. I was actually able to compete in my race and have had minimal to no pain ever since! I spent a week and a half icing it, taking meds, and in severe pain prior to our visit and didn't think I would be able to run for at least a month. Once again your expertise has exceeded my expectations! I am so thankful to have found you several years ago and will never go to another practice. I truly believe in what you do and have faith in all of you! Thank you for helping make life better!

VL, Dunedin

Dr. Melilli and Staff,

Many thanks for helping me all these months since my accident. I never thought I would be stronger and feel better. With everyone's expertise and encouragement, I turned the corner and learned to exercise and persevere. You are a wonderful group, not only to me, but to everyone, as I am an observer of people! As my healing continues, Peace of "The Lord" to all. Love,

PP, Clearwater

Four years ago, doctors said I had Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens disease, mixed connective tissue disorder and fibromyalgia. These areas of medical diagnosis are in the autoimmune family of illness and basically have no cure. Thus I began a search for treatments that would allow me to continue an active and vibrant lifestyle. I was 45 and spent the next 4 years seeing different doctors and researching options.

I was introduced to many different medications that brought symptom relief with a multitude of side effects and possible long term complications. When my hair started falling out due to the use of an anti-cancer treatment often used in this process, I stepped up my quest for other treatments. A nurse practitioner suggested seeing a chiropractor.

After trying two chiropractors in the bay area, I found Dr. Melilli's practice. One luxury they offer are flexible hours so I can make the office visits without interrupting my daily routine. My first visit I found the office staff and other assistants the most friendly, encouraging, pleasing staff I have yet to come across in a professional practice other than my church. Then I learned how Dr. Melilli operates his practice and how he takes the time to understand his patients. He developed a plan for me and made suggestions of things I may try to enhance my well being. He makes you feel comfortable, you know he genuinely cares about healing and is very open and knowledgeable to possibilities that make sense.

After only 4 months of adjustments, therapeutic massage and taking a quality grade of fish oils, my muscle pain, joint pains and all over aches have almost disappeared. My illnesses also come with extreme fatigue and I am happy to say I have an energy level that has improved by about 70%. I have been able to reduce medications from 10 different types to 5 and hope to further reduce if this continues to be the solution.

My entire outlook has changed about this type of treatment. I never thought it could make such a difference in my overall wellness. Dr. Melilli's entire philosophy, enthusiasm, and manner along with his ability to surround himself with the best in the business are the reason they will help many people in the years to come. I am so graful I have tried their care.

CS, Tampa


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