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Massage Therapy

Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center

Chiropractor, Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy located in Clearwater, FL

Massage therapy is an effective way of both relaxing tense muscles and calming an overstressed mind. If you have musculoskeletal pain or knotted muscles, experienced chiropractor Steven Melilli, DC, of Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center in Clearwater, Florida, has a team of expert massage therapists on staff to provide rejuvenating treatments. Call the office to book a therapeutic massage session.

Massage Therapy Q&A

What conditions can massage therapy treat?

Massage therapy can benefit almost all musculoskeletal conditions. Many soft tissue problems and conditions like recurrent tension headaches are due to muscle tension and spasms resulting from stress and other psychological issues.

The massage therapy team at Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center uses massage to relieve muscle tension and help patients relax both physically and mentally. Massage helps increase flexibility, boost levels of endorphins in your system, and improve circulation.

Massage therapy is also highly beneficial in the treatment of specific conditions, including:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis

Massage therapy can help reduce pain and improve well-being for many types of chronic pain conditions. Its uses aren't limited to musculoskeletal disorders either. Patients with conditions like depression or cancer also benefit enormously from therapeutic massage.

How does massage therapy support chiropractic care?

There are several ways in which massage therapy and chiropractic work together to improve outcomes. Having a massage therapy session before your chiropractic treatment is an excellent way to relax your muscles, which helps make chiropractic adjustments more effective.

If you book a massage therapy session after your chiropractic treatment, it can help any treated muscles and tissues and newly aligned vertebrae stay in the right place.

Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center treats each of their patients individually and recommends massage therapy if it would benefit your particular condition.

What happens during a massage therapy session?

Massage therapy at Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center is very much like a visit to the spa. Your treatment takes place in a comfortable, private room equipped with a state-of-the-art massage table. You lay on the table and relax while your therapist massages each part of your body. A full massage, including every part of your body except your head, lasts about an hour.

There are numerous techniques for effective massage. Some examples of popular and enduring massage therapies include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Sports massage

Your massage therapist at Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center works with the chiropractic team to deliver the most appropriate and effective type of massage for your needs.

How will I feel after massage therapy?

After having massage therapy, you might feel sleepy, which is normal and demonstrates the effectiveness of massage in helping you relax. Rather than rush back into work or other activities, try and get back into the swing of things gradually.

Many patients find they feel more energized in the days following their massage therapy. You might also be happier, more alert, and less stressed after your treatment, in addition to the physical benefits and reduction in pain.

To arrange a massage therapy session or discuss your needs, call Melilli Chiropractic and Rehab Center to schedule a consultation today.

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